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  • Capacitor Tripping Unit
  • 3KW Immersion Heater


Real Systems Controls products cover most requirements for the sprinkler, fire protection and trace heating industry, from immersion heaters and trace heating tapes to automatic monitoring systems for immersion heaters and trace heating.

We also design and manufacture bespoke and customised units to your specification, so please call our support team on 0161 620 7880 to discuss these requirements in more detail.



Immersion Heater & Trace Heating Products

Immersion Heater 3 - 6KW

The LPC Requirements State That

To comply with these requirements we have introduced the following features:

An Immersion Heater Complete With;

Although an air temperature sensor is not specified by the LPC it has been incorporated in the heater in order to save electricity and therefore reduce running costs by turning the heater off when the ambient air temperature is above 5oc.



Immersion Heater Test Units


The system is fully automatic and needs no day to day adjustment or setting
Procedure.  With the mains connected and power on lamp illuminated the units are operated automatically when the air temperature drops below 5oC, this is achieved by the externally mounted thermistor probe within the immersion heater.

Under normal operating conditions the heater on lamp will be illuminated and the current being drawn by the immersion heater will be indicated on the ammeter.

Should the air temp be above 5°C and the unit is in stand-by mode the power on lamp only will be illuminated and no reading will be shown on the ammeter.

To test immersion heater when unit is in stand-by mode, press the green test button.  After about 2 seconds the ammeter will show the current being drawn and the heater on lamps will illuminate.  Releasing the button will return the unit to stand-by.


The units require little or no maintenance, the switchgear, contactor and M.C.B. should be maintained as normal for this type of equipment.

A periodic test of the equipment can be carried out by pressing the green test button.

The units are rated  single phase 240 volts A.C. input.

All contactors are rated at 20 amps.
Ammeter and M.C.B. are rated at 16 amps.



Immersion Heater Automatic Monitoring Unit

Our automatic monitoring unit for immersion heaters is fully automatic and monitors the integrity of the immersion heater every 2.5 hours. If a fault is detected, the fault light will illuminate and the contacts of the circuit relay will change from a normally closed position to an open position, which in turn cuts off the heater element and protects the component.


Manual Single / Dual Test Monitor Unit

The Real Systems Manual Dual Test Monitor Unit is designed to prove that the immersion heater and trace heating and operational, even when the ambient air temperature is more than 5 degrees Celsius, and the controlling thermostat is in the open position.


Capacitor Tripping Unit

The Real Systems Controls capacitor tripping unit has a 5amp, 3 way input / 2way output screw cable terminal blocks, earth chassis connection and stand off pillar mounted in an IP54 category Himel sheet steel enclosure with removable chassis plate, bottom gland plate and deep, loackable hinged front panel incorporating a white traffolyte fascia label and 130V neon amber trip indicator lamp and push button test facility.


On Site Services

As well as our on-site services to the fire sprinkler industry, other services include:

Working alongside our partner company, Environ Insulation, we can accomodate all your thermal insulation requirements. This enables us to be able to offer to our customers a one stop shop when you are looking for sprinkler pump house electrical installation.








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